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What is Fast Magic?

Fast Magic is a business model in which new magic tricks are produced quicker than ever, in larger quantities and in disposable quality, for maximum profit.

Whereas responsible magic creators and producers endeavour to make brilliant tricks you will value for a long time, Fast Magic is designed to keep you coming back for the next thing.

The excuse of filling a consumer 'need' to constantly buy new magic, a 'need' which is fabricated by the magic industry.

Why Fight Fast Magic?

Fast Magic is bad for the environment, bad for your bank balance and bad for your mental health.

The negative impacts of fast magic overconsumption is growing. We have more magic tricks than ever before and we use them half as much.

We are being seduced by the infinite cycle of latest releases, enabled by the speed of changing content on websites and social media. Whatever the new exciting miracle is today, it will be outshined in a matter of weeks by the next one.

This overconsumption is led by magic wholesalers who enable an infinite changing choice, something we 'think' makes us happy. However science shows that these infinite choices are actually bad for our mental health.

They paralyse us or leave us feeling dissatisfied no matter what we choose. By committing to buying less and just buying better tricks we will use. We not only respect the planet, but we can also improve our own happiness.

10% Off Latest Releases

Fast Magic is hard to spot, marketing works and buying on-line is now just one-click away.

Here at Monster Magic, I carefully curate what I add to stock, so I hope everything is worth waiting for. I'm not perfect of course and can mistakes.

Monster Magic is offering 10% off new releases if you are willing to wait 10 days for it to be posted. Within those 10 days you can cancel your order at anytime.

This means:

  • You get the dopamine hit of making a purchase with peace of mind.
  • No Fear of Missing Out, your order is packed and just waiting to be shipped.
  • 10 extra days to watch reviews and consider your purchase.
  • You get 10% off the latest magic releases.

How to claim 10% Off

Simply add the new release to your cart and enter the discount code : FFM10

The discount will then be applied in the checkout.