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Recoil by Rick Holcombe

Recoil by Rick Holcombe

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"I absolutely love the coin to spring phase of this routine, original and eye popping. What really makes this worth buying is the clarity of the teaching and the easy to navigate menus. If only all coin tuition was done this way. The sleights learn will probably improve your existing coin magic too. It ain't easy, but it is fun to learn and it is so worth it." - Monster Magic Review

Take your magic INTO THE 3RD DIMENSION! Transform metal right before their eyes with this new routine from Rick Holcombe!

  • Not your normal coin trick
  • Minimal pocket space
  • Simple-to-learn sleights
  • Easy for the audience to follow
  • Multiple versions taught
  • Can be adapted to fit into your current routines
  • Includes all instructions, solid metal ball, & perfectly-sized Slinky® spring
  • Taught with Copeland Coins' unique DAVE system combining book, photos, & video for faster learning

"This is so surreal...that's why I love it!" - Eric Jones

"Rick's work is clever, practical, and well-routined with, and this is the best part, a sense of humor and a focus on what the audience experiences." - Curtis Kam

"One of the biggest compliments I can say about an effect is that the method is as practical as it is satisfying...and Recoil fits that bill to a tee. Already started using it in my strolling sets and I have a feeling it's gonna stay in for a long time!" - Kyle Purnell



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