Fame at last - I'm a guest on Magic TV

What a week that was, all thanks to a certain Mr Craig Petty. No matter what you think about Craig, he does work damn hard and loves magic.

He also seemingly appreciates me, which is very flattering and I was over the moon when he asked me on to his channel. I got to speak about myself a bit, more on PropDog and of course about Monster Magic.

The sound wasn't great as I was on my boat but a lot of people have watched it so it can't be that bad. I haven't watched it myself, I enjoyed the experience and the hours chat before but I'd rather poke my eyes with a sharp stick watch myself.

I really have to say thank you to all the people who have left the lovely comments, they were read to me by a friend and my eyes began to water.

I've always considered myself an unknown. I only perform when I have developed something new to try out and even if the trick blows the audience minds I probably won't do it again, but wait for the next idea. Otherwise I quietly work at PropDog, the best job in the world. So for so many people to show an interest in my new venture is amazing.

Thank you all.,


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Have always enjoyed watching, and hearing You on Propdog. Alex congrats on Your endeavor with Monster Magic. Hope to see lots more. Loved the interview with Craig Petty, and to be honest sound was not bad at all.

Walter Edward McGurn Jr

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