Why Monster Magic curates the items it sells

I’ve been buying magic for longer than I care to imagine and I have a drawer full stuff I’ll never use but which cost enough to mean that I keep it. May be I’m hoping it will age well like a fine wine and become something better. It won’t.

Buying magic is unique as you never really know what you are going to get. Plus you are also being sold the sizzle with product trailers and great testimonials. 

Trust is something that is very close to my heart and I believe that is what Monster Magic brings to the magic world more than any other dealer or shop in the world.

I’ve worked in a magic shop and I’ve felt the guilt of packing up and posting items which I felt aren’t worth buying. When I started Monster Magic one of the aims was to never be posting out disappointment again.

The only way to do that is by curating every item that I put on the website with the aim that I remove the wheat from the chaff. You will still have a good selection of items to choose from, whether it is Mentalism or Card Tricks or a Wallet etc. but you will also have peace of mind that the product has met a certain benchmark including quality, value for money and it works.

Other shops list every product. In fact most have their site directly linked to the wholesaler so things are added automatically. This gives you the most choice, which sounds like a good service but it removes the safety net and much like searching for a film on Netflix can simply be frustrating.

The other advantages of curating what Monster Magic sells is that I can actually have every single item in stock. This not only enables Monster to answer any questions regarding the trick and accept returns without a quibble but it also makes Monster Magic the only magic shop which can send every product out for Next Day Delivery.