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The Bottle

I love the trick but when I tried it out people close up could see the colour of the card through the tablets . I purchased red/white tablets and it made a big difference.

Tiny Grand Illution, Mighty Grand Service.

Great packet trick. Awesome service from Alex as always, ordered Fri noon, arrived Sat morn!

Pocket Nightmare- shopping dream

Max Mavens mind was incredible and so is this. His method is beautifully simple, with a powerful impact. This is a great way to make people believe in magic again. Packaged immaculately and simply, wonderful tutorial with the man himself showing the routine and many extras, he really thought of everything! Buying was not only a good decision but Monster Magic made it quick, easy and fuss free, even appreciated the hand written note. Many say the customers important, monster magic do the extras that show it. First purchase here ( many to follow)

Great service

Fantastic service, delivery very quick.

Brilliant Packet Trick

Bought this after watching Alex’s review and I’m glad I did. The cards are really nice and the same move throughout makes it easy to do with so many changes. Great service from Alex as usual.

Very fun effect

Having recently come up with a few multiple card reveal effects myself, this as a kicker is phenomenal.

The Infinity Deck

Amazing product, with endless possibilities. In addition to the suggested routines, I've been able to use the deck to enhance some of my regular tricks. Tutorials are very well presented and contain a helpful section on false cuts.

Great quality deck.

Quick service.

Spooky trick.

Fun to perform.


I am realy pleased the trick is so simple to do grate trick TOM

Enjoyable trick

Now that I've had a little time to practise I think this trick is great The effect really fools people as your cards seem to match up in an impossible way Great trick from Monster Magic

Classic deck

Red or blue these are great cards and you always get speedy service at Monster Magic Highly recommended

Great cards

These have to be the best cards for magic tricks. Smooth handling. Great service.


Works very well. Fully reccomend. :)

Worth every penny. Great value.

Like all Craig Petty's products (eg Cube 52) this has so much stuff on it and is great value. What I like is that as well as the main routine there are lots of easy to do short, self-working tricks, tutorials for general things you need to know (like false shuffles) and the deck is designed for you to create your own material. I love it and would highly recommend it.

Works well

The roughing stick works really well allowing you to rough your cards in any way you want (whole or part card) and reapply to any cards you've got that need refreshing. Not messy and easy to use.

Elmsley Revisited

I learned, and forgot the Ghost count years ago. I always liked Elmsley's 'DAZZLE' routine, but never got around to doing it because of the necessary Arts and Crafts required to prepare it. Alex Kirk recommended 'Crazy Dazzle' on a recent review show, as a convenient way of acquiring the props, so I bought it. I'm pleased that I did. The tutorial is very good; my count is now better than it ever was, and the props are quality. Highly recommended.

Great mentalist trick.

Great quality poker chips.

Good card trick.

Fun to do.

Barrage - John Bannon

Books by John Bannon always sell out quickly and are becoming ‘must buys’ for all card magic aficionados. This latest one, albeit a fairly slim paperback containing eight effects, does not disappoint. The production value is quite arty and unlike traditional (US) publications as befits its French origins (though it is written in English) …Well, Bannonesque English at any rate! Subtlety rules over finger flinging and there is a wide variety of entertaining and practical effects, making this book highly recommended. Links to video performances would have been a good bonus, but the descriptions are clear enough to follow from the written word alone. Monster Magic are to be commended for holding stock of this item. The turnaround from ordering to delivery was extremely quick and the order efficiently handled.

Great packet trick

Fun to perform.

As expected

Great customer service, deck as expected… but might get the Super Svengali deck next time… 😁

Super Easy - Plays Big

Incredibly easy to do and suggest buying two so if table hopping you always have another ready to go without reset.

Great Anniversary Waltz trick.

Fun to do too.

One of my favourite packet tricks.

Really recommend!