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Customer Service and Gaint Robot/Marvelous Nesting Envelopes

Hi Alex's thank-you very much once again for your help with my orders shipping was very good got my items with in 2 days fantastic, your knowledge and advice was extremely helpful. Keep up the good work on the Saturday Shows, the Reviews are really helpful
Merry Christmas

Cloak / Bicycle cards

Cloak is great and the bicycle cards were / are, well, bicycle cards!

As always, the service I received from Alex was nothing short of incredible. The order arrived the day after the order way placed.
Monster magic is always my first choice. Highly recommended.

This trick is just awesome. Had an idea what was going on.... but the bit I couldn't understand became brilliant after I watched the explanation.
This is a joy to perform.
10/10 in my mind....awesome.


Super easy to do, good reactions to it too! I love the supplied gimmicks, hides in plain sight

great mentalist trick!

One of my favourite tricks!

Great service

Items arrived promptly and well wrapped - all 3 items received were just as good as Alex described in his video

Fuse it


Sticker kicker

Love this trick, something a bit different from the norm. Grt speedy service as always from yourself 👏👏

Great self-working trick!

Fun to perform, really recommend!


I didn’t buy this first, second time around or when released because everyone would be performing this, however I’m so glad I’ve eventually aquired as it’s getting the reactions that I had already expected and some 😎👍🏻

Pro light 3 brief review

Very happy with this purchase from Monster Magic. Super fast delivery and the item is exactly as described. No tutorial (just a short video about how to charge them) - so ideal for someone, like me, who has messed around with D’lights or similar in the past, and therefore knows how they work etc.

A.B.See by Spidey
David Anderson
Excellent service

Over the moon to say that I received my items very quickly, but more importantly, I've valued Alex's customer service ever since my first purchase at PropDog. He is always ready to help and advise. If you're sitting on the fence about making that purchase, however big or small, he's the guy to talk to. He cares more about your satisfaction, than making the sale.

Monster Magic is an asset to the magic community

CREDiTKA by Artifex
Chris Gillanders

Fantastic personal, service.


Dan Harlan has excelled himself again! Although this is an old effect (new to me), it seems fresh and new. Very easy to learn and really packs two big punches! Buy it with confidence. You know it makes sense.

Monster magic gift card

Thus was my first time with monster magic and the whole experience from start to finish was excellent


Such a quick delivery!!
Also only place in UK having this matches! Thank you!

Cloak Chris Congreave

Fantastic fun effect and the aged cards are very it.

20/20 Visions by Matthew Wright

Very good trick, & great service by Monster Magic as usual

Tenyo cleverness

It’s clever, fun and easy to do as all the best Tenyo are. If you buy it you will love it and love to show people

Super Invisible Deck - Waxed

They are so easy to handle fresh out of the box. So glad I got them

The Best Bands!

Joe Reindfleish really is the God father of rubber band magic, and his bands are the ultimate bands for performing not just his effects but other effects by other rubber band artists. These are size 19s, which you can use for almost every effect out there.

Best service from Alex too - Monster really is the place for magic ✨

Great Comedy Packet Trick

Ordered Thursday evening arrived today (Saturday) super simple method but will get amazing reaction's.I have quite a few of Chris's effects and this is as good as it gets for a comedy packet trick

Great cards

Look like bikes, easy to read and cheap! Plus they come with a tutorial! What’s not to like.

Good service

Frendly and quick reaction and shipping

Awesome Service

It's nice to know that what's on the website is what Monster Magic actually have in stock, this and the amazing speedy and helpful service - hence why I gave Monster Magic a very well deserved 5 star review. Awesome! Gary Jones Magic MIMC