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Demi Deck by Angelo Carbone

Demi Deck by Angelo Carbone

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Due to a manufacturing fault, a lot of Demi Decks get a few cards jammed at the top of the unit. This is because the steel sides of the inner case are made too tight. Murphy's Magic the producers, call it a manufacturing inaccuracy rather than a fault.
Angelo Carbone has worked hard to provide workaround solutions to this issue and now it shouldn't impact on your performance of Demi Deck. In fact, Murphys and other dealers continue to sell these as perfect.
Personally I think it is best to be up front and let you know that the remaining Demi Decks I have for sale, have this fault/ inaccuracy and I consider them seconds. 
For this reason, I have reduced the price because it doesn't seem fair to pay the same amount as you would for a Demi Deck made accurately. Best Alex

Demi Deck by Angelo Carbone, brilliantly takes the best known magic trick, sawing a woman in half, and puts it into your hands. Yes, you can have the power and wonder of the best stage illusion in your close up magic.

You show your ordinary deck of cards, inside its leather case. Then you take a sharp blade and thrust it through the middle of the case, slicing the deck in two.  Splitting the case in two halves, you cleanly display both ends to your audience. 
Then, with a magic gesture, you completely restore the deck, ready to perform any card trick you like.

Demi Deck can be used as an opener to a card set, at anytime in the middle of a routine, or simply as a closer to leave you audience with a visual memory they will not forget.

Stage illusions are distinct from all other types of magic...They are larger than life exhibitions of our will to accomplish the impossible. But to maintain that illusion, the audience must view it at a considerable distance. Angelo Carbone's brilliant mind brings the grandest of stage illusions - cutting a person in half - to the palm of your hand, with Demi Deck.

  • Use any normal deck
  • Includes multiple routines
  • Magician fooler
  • Easy to learn
  • No switches of any kind
  • Completely self-contained

After 17 years of perfecting the design, award winning magician Angelo Carbone is finally ready to open the curtains and reveal his latest masterwork, welcome to Demi Deck.

"How utterly fooling. I haven't got a clue. You are brilliant! Well done!" - Derren Brown

"Angelo Carbone is one of the most clever creators of magic I know. You will appreciate this trick even more once you see the uncompromising attention to detail that Angelo has put into this creation. It's Incredible!" - Asi Wind

"When Angelo Carbone releases a new effect the magic world stands up and cheers, and Demi Deck is an excellent example of the reason why. This is brilliant!" - David Regal

"Everything about Demi Deck is genius. The creation, routine, the added convincers, and every other aspect. And the fact that this is real world practical... damn!" - Lloyd Barnes

"My brain opened like Demi Deck when Angelo showed me this in front of my eyes!" - Tobias Dostal

"Absolutely fooled me and it plays like a grand illusion." - Lisa Menna (Special Fellowship AMA Award winner)

"It has been both a privilege and a curse to know about this for as long as I have and not been able to tell anyone how awesome it is!" - Marc Lavelle

"Just incredible, one of the most impressive big illusions [to fit] into your pocket! David Copperfield will be jealous!" - Mickael Chatelain

"Angelo has just shown me Demi Deck and I am mad. He should have released this sooner so I could have had this in my set sooner! That's insane!" - Alan Rorrison

"You can put Demi Deck in the "Fooled me badly" pile. It's the only pile I have for Angelo." - Jon Allen

"How!!! Just HOW!?!" - Titanas

"Once again, the innovative genius of Angelo Carbone has created another creative miracle! I've always been a Close-Up guy, but now thanks to DEMI DECK, I will be performing "Grand Illusion!" - Paul Green

"I'm a big fan of Angelo's work, every piece he has designed is as baffling to knowledgeable magicians as it is entertaining for audiences, but this... this is his magnum opus. I have no desire to learn the secret (which I'm sure is a stroke of genius) as I haven't been this fooled in many, many years." - Dee Christopher

"I love the idea of taking a grand illusion and adapting it for close up. It immediately engages the spectators, and you have their full attention" - Nikolas Mavresis

Brand: Murphys Magic

Creator: Angelo Carbone

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Customer Reviews

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Wow! Simply Wow!

I was on the fence with this one for some time but soooo glad I decided to eventually get myself one. I was worried about the angles but they are much much better than I thought they would be. You might not perform this at every gig but if you have the space to carry it with you it will be well worth it for when the right situations to perform it do arise. I bought it thinking it would at least be something cool for my magic collection and to have sat on the side to perform to family and friends but I’m definitely going to be taking it out and about with me. I must also give Alex a mention for his fantastic service. I ordered this on the Monster website at 1pm on a Friday and received it by 1pm the following day. Definitely the fastest magic dealer in the UK.


A beautiful illusion. When done as Angelo teaches it really does fool the eyes and the angles are better than expected.

Oscar Fouille
Amazing illusion

This illusion is amazing although one thing i would say about the demi deck is that people obviously know there is something with the box therefore it is less impressive than a normal card trick without any complicated gadgets. That’s why if it was to do again i probably would buy something else than the demi deck but it’s always a nice gadget to have!

John Devacmaker
Monster Magic

So glad that Alex started his own company and sincerely hope he succeeds and with all our help he will
I first met Alex at the Prop dog shop where he was always so helpful and genuinely a really nice person
It was very sad that the company had to end but hopefully Alex will be supported
by us all and will go from strength to strength

Trick of the year!

A superb illusion by the creative genius Angelo Carbone. A top contender for trick of the year. Speedy service from Monster Magic!