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Chop Shop by John Bannon

Chop Shop by John Bannon

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This is Chop Shop by John Bannon

Imagine playing "Find the Lady" and stunning your audience by transforming all the cards into aces! John Bannon's packet tricks consistently blow the minds of both laypeople and fellow magicians. With Chop Shop by John Bannon, you'll thrill your audience by inviting them to catch you out, all the while knowing you've got a killer surprise waiting at the end—a total transformation they won't see coming.

Here’s what happens:

The magician introduces four cards; three blue-backed Jokers and one red-backed Queen of Spades. The cards are shown on the front and the back, and then the Queen is put into the pocket, and the magician challenges the spectators to catch them sneak the Queen back into the packet not once but twice. With no moves, the red-backed Queen of Spades appears back amongst the three jokers.

The Queen is again placed into the pocket, and the magician notes that this time they will have to use misdirection to sneak the Queen back into the packet. The cards are counted again, and this time a bright yellow card that says “LOOK” on it appears amongst the blue-backed Jokers.

That card is also put away, and this time, without any funny moves, a red-backed card has once again appeared in the packet. The magician then admits that they cheated, but not just once. They cheated twice.

The red-backed card is turned over to reveal it is now the Ace of Spades. The remaining blue-backed cards are turned over, and the jokers have magically transformed into the remaining Aces.

Chop Shop comes ready to go with all of the cards you need right out of the box. The sleights are easy and well within the grasp of even beginner magicians. The best part is that at the end, all of the cards on the table are examinable. There are no gimmicks that can break, and you don’t even have to be able to palm cards to sneak the Queen back in the packet. In addition to the cards required for the routine, you also receive detailed instructions from John Bannon and Erik Tait on how to perform this incredible routine. Turn a challenge into a miracle with Chop Shop by John Bannon.

Inspired by Cameron Francis’s “Chop The Monte,” later presented as “Imagine” by Paul Richards.

Brand: Penguin Magic

Creator: John Bannon

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Derek Scott
A wonderful trick

A real fooler. Highly recommended 👌

Great packet trick!

I’m really enjoy this trick

Howard Jennings
Chop Shop by John Bannon

I watched Monster Magic's "Saturday Review" video on 30th December and could not resist purchasing "Chop Shop". As always with Monster Magic, you get a very personalised experience and the package arrived the next working day. My favourite classical effect has always been Alex Elmsley's "Ghost Count" and, with Chop Shop" John Bannon has taken the original and made it into an even more visually dramatic presentation. Delighted with my purchase

Chop Shop John Bannon

Another great packet trick from John Bannon. It ends with the cards on the table and there are no worries if someone grabs them to examine them as you end clean. The cards are provided and the video instruction is very clear. I ordered it in the afternoon and it arrived next day! Great service.

Shaun Miles
First time customer!

Having seen a new John Bannon effect, I went to my ‘usual’ magic supplier to note they did not stock. I trawled the internet and discovered that a popular US supplier did stock - but import tax, delivery made it not worth it. I then discovered ‘Monster Magic’ and that they stocked it.
I placed an order on Christmas Day ….i was trying it out by the 28th Dec!!!!
Impressive service, great personal service - will be back!