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Tally-Ho Circle Back - Red

Tally-Ho Circle Back - Red

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Tally-Ho Playing cards with the distinctive Circle back design, loved my magicians.

Tally-Ho is the preferred choice of cards for card magicians around the globe. These playing cards are carefully crafted to make card magic that little bit easier.

Every element of Tally-Ho cards, from their finish to their graphics, is meticulously designed to enhance the elegance and fluidity of card movements.

Every aspect of a Tally-Ho playing card feels tailored to the specific requirements of card magic:

  • Proprietary paper offers the perfect amount of stiffness and a slightly thicker feel than most cards.
  • Patented Linoid finish provides optimal glide for smooth cardistry moves.
  • Cut of the cards is adapted for easy handling.
  • Back designs, most notably the Circle back and Fan back, enhance the precision of the cards’ movement.


Brand: Tally-Ho

Creator: U.S.P.C.C

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Fantastic set of cards, highly recommend