New TENYO has arrived at Monster Magic HQ

New TENYO has arrived at Monster Magic HQ
MONSTER NEWS: New TENYO has arrived!
Viewers of the Saturday Show will remember I asked if Monster Magic should stock Tenyo. The answer was a resounding yes!
The first delivery has landed, a mix of the new 2024 releases and back catalogue items. I've even created a new category on the website just for Tenyo but it will take a while for me to upload every trick.
I never really understood the popularity of Tenyo until now, but having spent some time investigating what to buy in and now it has arrived, I get it.
It is hard to really describe why it good, I have just enjoyed 'toying' with all the tricks so far. They are brilliant magic toys, easy and fun to do, but with ingenious methods. You really have to admire the brains behind them.
The joy to price ratio is astonishing, Tenyo is happy magic!
You can check it all out here:
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