OPINION: Age is no barrier

OPINION: Age is no barrier
Last night Luke Littler lost in the final of the PDC World’s Darts Championship, but Oh Boy what a ride the young man gave the nation at just 16. That’s his age not his weight, well it might be his weight too, he certainly looks like he was born into the world of darts.

For me it is a reminder that age is irrelevant to achieving goals, and as we all watch the rise of Ryland Petty, Cillian O'Connor and Eva Wild we should be reminded of what can be achieved with dedication and passion. I must also mention Ed Hilsum and Harry De Cruz of the TMC Young Magician’s who are doing a great job encouraging the young talent.

But I’m at the other end of the scale, which is often much less celebrated, and it can be harder to be the old duffer rather than the bright young thing, plus life just gets in the way more.

The great thing about magic is, like darts, the barrier to entry is very low. A deck of cards, some loose change and a book from the library is more than enough, plus a bit of you. No matter how young or old we are, or how long we have been in magic, the playing field is remarkably even. Anyone reading this could win a Magic Competition or another magic goal, with drive, passion and most importantly self-belief.

The same can be said for magic tricks themselves, my top trick this year was Grandma’s Miracle by TCC. It is as old as the hills but given a face lift and it is an absolute triumph of a close-up effect.

Magic is timeless, sadly we aren’t, but we can embrace the new and uncover the old, we can celebrate the young and achieve old dreams. And if at first we don't succeed, we learn and try again.

Just to cheer me up: Nico Ladenis was 61 when he got his Michelin stars and Diana Nyad was 64 when she swam from Cuba to Florida. I’ve got a couple of years yet.
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