Penguin Magic delivery has arrived!

Penguin Magic delivery has arrived!

Bad weather had held up the shipment and then customs clearance got me nice and hot under the collar, but it is all worth it and part of the learning curve.

So although it took longer than expected, the arrival of our Penguin Magic order means Monster Magic now has all the latest tricks ( and some old classics) ready to ship the same- day. 

I'm so pleased to be adding the stock to the system and finally getting rid of the 'Out of Stock' banners.

Laced Up by Donnovan Mount is the stand out magic effect from the bunch. It takes up zero pocket space as it actually replaces your shoelaces. It is easy to set up, easy top perform and gets amazing reactions. View Laced Up by Donnovan Mount

I have also been enjoying Color Sync by David Jonathan. A very simple to do colour matching effect. It is self working, the specially gimmicked cards do all the work so you can really have fun with the presentation. It can be done without a table so it is very versatile. View Color Sync by David Jonathan




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Congrats Alex! Will be contacting you with orders in the future.

Walter E McGurn

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