REVIEW: Grandma's Miracle by TCC

REVIEW: Grandma's Miracle by TCC
This little trick by TCC took the magic world by storm, selling in vast quantities on its release. Which came as a massive surprise to me, but then I was very naïve back in March.

I assumed that since it was first published in 1854 and has been touched on regularly by many magicians since then (and its close relation Cords of Phantasia) by the likes of Stanley Collins, Alan Wakling and Jim Steinmeyer, that everyone would already know it. I was sooo wrong!

The effect is two ‘laces’ are shown as are three clear beads. The beads are threaded onto the laces and held inside the spectators closed hand. The laces are twisted above the participant’s hand and pulled. The laces ‘melt’ cleanly through the hand leaving the participant with the beads still in his hand.

It may not read that great, but believe me it is a miracle to your audience. It is now obvious why this is a big hit.

• The props can be handled at the start
• It is a highly visual penetration
• The magic happens in the participant’s hands
• It is easy to do
• It is not another card trick
All these points were true with previous releases such as this one by Funtime:
Whilst subsequent incarnations have taken the trick away from beads to use other objects to add originality such coins or even donuts, TCC have an entirely different approach.

TCC have done what they do best, they have just produced it better. Now the props become something you are proud of. The laces are a bit weird looking but there is something lovely and luxurious about them and the beads are nice and heavy as well as being transparent which helps emphasise the fairness.

And it is the fairness of everything, which you can really enjoy playing on which means you are guaranteed big reactions of genuine astonishment.

TCC noticed something in Grandma’s Necklace that I for one ignored, it is an absolutely brilliant trick which deserved to be lifted above its lowly status of ‘string and beads’.

For any performer, in any situation, to any audience, Grandma’s Miracle, is a miracle, pure and simple.

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