REVIEW: Marry, Kiss, Kill by Green Lemon

REVIEW: Marry, Kiss, Kill by Green Lemon
Marry, Kiss, Kill is yet another version of red/ black cards separation, popularised by Paul Curry’s Out of this World.
It used to be a trend to create the cleanest version Out of this world, and so stripper decks and other gimmicks were introduced to allow shuffling and a fair display of the revelation. This trend has now bucked towards discrepancies and subtleties with specially printed cards to add a different premise.
This offering from newly formed Green Lemon takes its presentation from the popular game Kiss, Marry, Kill. In the package you receive the 16 cards which have the name of a famous person on the face and either Kiss or Kill printed on the back plus two marker cards.
You use a Kiss marker card and Kill marker card to identify the piles. The cards are shown in pairs and the participant is asked which they would kiss or kill. Those cards are then placed on the corresponding piles. Once all the cards have been dealt the back are shown and it is revealed that all the cards have been separated perfectly.
For the second phase, two cards are then selected to see who the participant would marry. It is revealed that these selections match the face of the marker cards.
It is certainly fun and engaging, and a couple of the options are cheeky enough to get solid laughs. It is also very easy to do, virtually self-working so you can relax and milk the game for the entertainment value. The cards are great quality and handle well with the different coloured backs making the effect very clear.
There is a discrepancy in the revelation but it will certainly fly but to me it feels less clean than the original Paul Curry effect.
As I said, the card separation routine is a crowded market and I don’t think Marry, Kiss, Kill offers enough to stand out. Genetics by Sean Goodman is funnier with better interaction and easier handling. PredicTable by Chris Rawlins hides within a believable game and creates a deeper connection with the participant. All of the above miss what I like about Out of this World by Paul Curry and that is the participant deals the cards themselves knowing they are trying to do the impossible and separate the colours without being influenced. That makes the revelation so much stronger.
Marry, Kiss, Kill is a good ,fun packet trick, it is well produced and taught. It is just £25.99 and can be found here:
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