REVIEW: Memoraid by Chris Rawlins

REVIEW: Memoraid by Chris Rawlins
Memoriad, the latest trick by Chris Rawlins, much like his previous one PredicTable, is designed to look like a card game. However, this time Chris has taken it one step further and has produced a genuine game and/or memory aid which I can honestly say is fun to play.

It is also gorgeous, the box oozes quality and the cards are well printed on top card stock ensuring they will last a long time and handle nicely. This is definitely not something from Hasbro.

The cards are very cleverly designed and thought out, each one has a picture on it, but the subject and style of that picture allows hidden granular categories with which you either perform a miracle or use as subtleties to heighten an effect. The back is also boldly designed in a reader style which means each card be instantly recognised.

The highly informative tutorial video that is 1hr 15mins long including the bonus section (sorry Chris the Bonus bit does count) kicks off with 3 memory based routines.

Chris has spent decades performing a memory act, so he knows more than anyone how to make feats of memory entertaining. I can’t put my finger in it, but I suspect it is because memory good or bad is very relatable, we all know how hard it is to remember a shopping list.

The routines are all interactive too, the participant is involved throughout whether reading the rules of the game, mixing the cards or hiding cards etc. This introduces a nice challenge aspect to trick and creates a good connection with the participant.

You are going to want to get familiar with the cards and the pictures and also playing the game legit. Knowing the objects will help with the speed of recognition, playing the game will help with the acting if nothing else.

Chris’s tips on reading the cards are great and will ensure the secret is never even suspected which is vital as the success of these effects relies on the belief it is genuine memory work.

The second half of the tutorial is full of mentalism routines, if you don’t know Chris is a top man in the field of Mentalism too. These tricks use simple card sleights which are quickly shown but the real work is in the performance of how to play the effects to give the true impression you are reading their mind. The hidden differentiating categories are genius and then you get the ‘linguistic svengali’ system too. The routines are direct and incredibly well thought out to give maximum impact.

Then the bonus section is Chris rushing through other avenues he has gone down and ideas he has experimented with. It is a quick insight into the versatility of Memoraid and really should get your creative juices flowing.

I’m struggling to think of anything that compares to Memoraid, in the world of walk around mentalism. It is so complete whether you use it for a memory test or mind reading and it looks so innocent. All the routines are easy to do, fun and powerful, for all ages 3 years and up.

You can find Memoraid here (or on Chris's website):
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