REVIEW: Slow Vanish by Julio Montoro

REVIEW: Slow Vanish by Julio Montoro
Julio Montoro has had a checkered past in my book. Some of his early releases were, well to be blunt, quite shocking - Everyday Magic Kit anyone! But mixed into that were his collaborations with João Miranda such as Sketch, Rejoined and of course Leviosa.
Slow Vanish is released through Craziest and is apparently the most popular item in Julio's lectures. I'm super pleased to say, I can well believe it is.
A card is selected and lost in the deck. A sharpie line is drawn acroos the back of the top card on the deck. Slowly that line vanishes (the clue is in the name) and when the deck is spread there is one card with a sharpie line across it. Yes! it is the selection.
I really like the straight forward plot and because it is so highly visual the effect is so clear for anyone watching. The card can be signed and given away as a souvenir if you wish. I know we like to believe people keep these things.
The gimmick is novel and works a treat, it is so easy to use and provided you have it angled correctly and no one behind you, close to invisible. It is also durable giving you piece of mind.
A regular deck is used, so you can add this to your performances simply by adding the gimmick and the card to be selected, when required.
It is rare to get something this good at just £20.99, it is quirky, visual and fun card magic.
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Thanks for your review on Slow Vanish. I saw this on Penguin Magic and it’s out of stock. Craig Petty did a review of this and highly recommended it. I wanted to read more reviews and found yours. I was curious how well it looked close-up,if it needs to be dim lighting. I dont do Magic for social media it looks great in video just curious in real life. I’ll probably get this I did find a magic website that carries it in red.


Thank you


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