The first Monster Magic Review hits You Tube!

The first Monster Magic Review hits You Tube!

Magic Reviews are now a big thing, from kids in bedrooms to seasoned pro's it seems everyone is at it. Which does beg the question why should I and Monster Magic bother.

The reason is simple, Monster Magic is all about clarity of what we sell and giving the customer the best advice. Hopefully the reviews will answer any questions and show the products in detail. Obviously we can't tip over into exposure but the hints should be clear to most magicians.

Past, Present, Future by Rick Lax and Penguin Magic is the first product on the review channel and it surprised me. At its heart, Past, Present, Future is a three card prediction routine using a very old method, I thought it would be fine but not great.

I completely underestimated the hook of the Tarot cards and how much fun I would have making up silly nonsense meaning for the cards. Lay people love it and I love performing it. It is easy powerful magic. I won't say more as you can watch the video, but it highlights why I think Monster Magic Reviews will be different, they will be my opinions but only after I've really audience tested the trick.

There will be more reviews coming but as I'm committed to performing the effect for at least a week it takes longer than most other review shows. Quality takes time and slow is usually the quickest way to where you want to be.

Enjoy the review. And yes I have put on a bit of weight over Christmas.

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