The London Magic Convention 2023

The London Magic Convention 2023
Last Sunday was the 3rd London Magic Convention and it was exactly what I believe a magic convention should be, FUN!
It is helmed by Andy and Preston Nyman who along with their team of friends and family who made it all look effortless. At every point of contact you were met with friendly charm which just gave the whole event a warm feel.
It reminded me of the much-missed International Magic Conventions, where similarly you were always made to feel very welcome and part of the event.
As a dealer, I couldn’t make any of the lectures and everything I heard gave me a real feeling of missing out, they were certainly a varied mix of styles and disciplines. All too often they are the same faces who happen to be in the country, but Andy and Preston choose their lecturers and what great choices.
Marc Paul was a definite hit in the morning with a lecture that offered great teaching of practical effects, which don’t require any expensive purchases. I didn’t heard much about John Lovick’s lecture so I can’t comment, but it is the one lecture I would really have liked to have gone to.
Charlie Caper’s lecture centered around creating your own magic, and I heard differing opinions on it. I suspect that is because it sounded more of a talk than a traditional lecture per se which can often leave people underwhelmed.
I was gutted not to be able to watch the competition, as they are always interesting to see what people do. Jake Allen was undoubtedly a deserved winner as a few people mentioned his act to me well before the result was announced.
I got to play a very small part in the day with my entry in the £4 Gala show. A brilliant concept and I really enjoyed coming up with a trick I thought would fit the situation perfectly. Matt Clewley was my reluctant ‘volunteer’ and I own any hint of success to him, I honestly didn’t think I’d get anyone to do it!
Charlie Caper closed the convention with brilliant show and showed how classics we all know can be transformed. It got my mind swirling with ideas and a fresh determination look at tricks in a new way.
I honestly believe The London Magic Convention should be in everyone’s calendar, it is the right size, great mix of acts and a joy to attend.
Thank you so much Andy, Preston, family and friends!
If anyone is interested in seeing a clip of my 4 minute Gala act, leave a comment and I will consider it.
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