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Guide to buying magician's rope

The right rope for magic tricks depends on the type of tricks you plan to perform and in what situation, close-up, parlour or stage. Here are some considerations to keep in mind when choosing a rope for magic tricks:

Almost all magicians' rope is made from soft cotton, as it is durable, comes in different colours, and is easy to handle and cut.

A coreless soft rope is hollow in the middle so it is very flexible which makes a lot moves easier.

Magicians rope is between 6mm and 15mm thick.
Easily the most popular width of rope for magic is 9mm, it is great for all performing situations and all effects. A thicker rope of 15mm is more visible to an audience if you are performing on stage. Magic rope of 6mm is good for walk around situations as it takes up less pocket space, is very flexible and secret bits can easily be hidden your hands.

You may be surprised just how much rope you get through. A lot of rope tricks involve cutting the rope making it a single use item. Even if you just do effects which use same rope repeatedly, it can get dirty. I'd advise having a practice set and a performing set of those ropes.

The more expensive will have a tighter weave which means a smoother finish, less snags and a better looking rope. It may also be more durable. But it will still get dirty so it may be a false economy.

I like a nice colourful rope for magic. It is an easy way to add colour to an act but also stand out well on stage. Consider what you are wearing and make sure the rope is a good contrast. A darker colour shows up dirty less!

Monster Magic Rope

Monster Magic rope is a 9mm soft coreless rope ideal for all performing pretty much all rope tricks. It comes in a nice range of colours to fit your style or needs. I obviously love the Monster Pink!
Monster Magic magicians rope balances price and quality perfectly.

BTC (Baronian Trading Company) Rope

BTC rope for magicians comes in a variety of widths and both core and coreless, so one is sure to meet your needs.
The most all round rope in the range is the BTC3 parlour rope. It is very flexible, looks great, it has great body to it and retains its shape as you perform. The BTC2 is a little stiffer than BTC3 because it has a core, but good for rope tricks which don't require the rope to be cut.
The BTC4 magicians rope is perfect if you only intend to perform on stage.

Murphys Magic Rope

The ultra white rope for magicians by Murphys Magic is a great all round choice and very good quality for the price. It is approximately 9mm in diameter with a slightly tighter weave than the Monster Magic rope. Despite the name it doesn't appear any more white than other brands.