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14 by Pepo Capel & Crazy Jokers

14 by Pepo Capel & Crazy Jokers

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In 2022, Pepo Capel achieved the prestigious title of Spanish Card Magic Champion and is widely recognized as a professional instructor at Tamariz's School.

Only now, after 14 years, Pepo now graciously shares one of his signature tricks, known as "14," which has become an iconic centre piece of his performances.

"14" goes beyond being a mere magic trick: it is a complete routine meticulously perfected by Pepo during, nothing more and nothing less than, 14 years. Its accessibility and its captivating effect make this routine one of those that the public always remembers you, and the best of all is that you can master it without the need for advanced techniques and it is perfect for close up or parlor, since it does not have bad angles.

The magician reveals a curse that affects him personally: everything in his life happens 14 times. To demonstrate this, he shows four cards whose total adds up to 14. When he draws one card, amazingly, the remaining three still add up to 14. With each card he draws, the total remains the same, until, in an emotional finale, the last remaining card is a 14!

Each twist in this routine is more surprising than the last, becoming "14" a memorable act beyond just being a simple card trick.

Includes EVERYTHING you need to perform this routine on Bicycle Standard Blue cards.
No matter your level of magic prowess, "14" is easy to perform it.
Perfect for any setting and for all audiences.

Brand: Crazy Jokers

Creator: Pepo Capel

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