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20/20 Visions by Matthew Wright

20/20 Visions by Matthew Wright

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20/20 Visions is Matthew Wright's favorite trick.

It is an incredible double prediction effect that easily allows you to predict a freely thought of drawing and a chosen playing card.

A spectator is asked to freely think of any drawing. They then select a card from a deck of cards. A prediction card is then shown. It matches the selected card exactly. When the card is turned over on the back is the exact drawing the spectator thought of.

With over an hour of detailed instruction and analysis no stone is left unturned in this masterclass of magic. With multiple routines covering all skill levels, 20/20 Visions is a modern classic based on Matthews previous release "Visions".

A self contained miracle that can be expended into a 3 phase prediction routine where you can also accurately predict the spectators star sign.

This bonus routine is an absolute killer which takes 20/20 Visions onto another level entirely.

Brand: Marvelous

Creator: Matthew Wright

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Michael Pearce
Visions 20/20

Purchased as a replacement to my original deck. First class service as always!

Frank Higginson
20/20 Visions by Matthew Wright

Very good trick, & great service by Monster Magic as usual