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3DT / Halloween by Jota

3DT / Halloween by Jota

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Easily one of the best ways to produce a deck of cards. It feels so organic. 3DT is the ultimate way to produce a deck of cards.

Show your t-shirt with a deck printed in the front and visually pull it out into the real word!

You don't receive a t-shirt! You receive an special printed transfer paper which you apply to your own t-shirt simply and quickly using a common iron. This way you don't have to worry about the size or the color because you can make the combination that you like and fit the most!
  • You can wear it as a regular t-shirt all the time
  • You can use your own Red Bicycle Deck
  • Can be combined with any gaff deck (Red Bicycle)
  • You can perform it as an opener effect or in the middle of your routine
  • It's easy to do
  • Reset in seconds
  • Spectators can see all the effect very close
  • Jota shows you different ways to do it for social networks or live audiences.

6 different designs to choose:
  • LET'S PLAY! (Poker version)
  • CHOOSE A CARD ANY CARD (Hand version)
  • GOT MAGIC? (Bottle version)
  • TRICK OR TREAT (New Halloween Special Edition)
You receive:
  • Special printed transfer paper with the design you choose and gimmicks.
(T-shirt and box and deck not included).


"One of the most creative ways to produce a deck of cards I have seen in years" - Magic Orthodoxy

"A very very very visual piece of magic. I love the concept" - David Penn & Wizard Magic Review

Brand: Jota

Creator: Jota

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