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Accordian Style Multifunction Bag by TCC

Accordian Style Multifunction Bag by TCC

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The ultimate solution for packet storage, designed to meet the specific needs of card magicians - the Accordion-style multifunction bag.

Packet tricks are a unique and fascinating form of card magic, utilising only a few cards and simple sleights to create stunning illusions. They have become an essential part of every magician's repertoire, a must-have for their daily performances.

However, carrying a whole deck of cards for a few selected packet tricks can be cumbersome. In addition, the limited number of cards in a packet trick makes them susceptible to damage, especially bending.

To solve this problem, TCC Presents has designed multiple packet wallets and received a lot of attention. However, they soon sold out. Since then, we have not produced such a packet wallet just because we have been exploring more scientific methods of carrying it.

Finally, we bring you our ultimate solution, the Accordion-style multifunction bag. This two-in-one design combines the functionality of a packet wallet and a playing card bag into one compact accessory. With 10 slots, it can store over 50 cards in total, providing ample space for your packet tricks.

The unique accordion-style design of the bag allows all your packets to be instantly unfolded in front of your eyes when you open it. This makes it easy to locate and retrieve the specific packet or gaff card you need for your performance.

Furthermore, the bag's compact storage design protects your packets, keeping them straight and flat. When the packet storage side is closed, the accordion-style packet slots automatically collapse, providing added protection and preventing deformation.
With its high-quality silver zipper and the perfect combination of a card case and packet wallet, the Accordion-style multifunction bag offers a comprehensive and reliable solution for your packet storage needs. We believe it will bring you joy and convenience, whether you're performing or carrying it in your daily adventures.

Experience the ultimate solution today.

  • High-quality silver zipper for durability and style.
  • Perfect combination of a card case and packet wallet.
  • 10 slots for efficient packet storage.
  • Accordion-style design that beautifully shows all your packets.
  • Compact storage design to protect against packet deformation.

Brand: TCC

Creator: TCC

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Quality case. You can fit a lot in this and keeps everything safe, and easy to retrieve.

Tommy Winder
Just what I needed

Perfect for what I wanted, it does everything as described and it does it well. Highly recommended if you are into packet tricks or gaff cards.

Great way to carry some packet tricks

Really recommend this!

Mark R
Multifunction Bag by TCC

I have been looking for a way of carrying a pack of cards but also a way of carrying packet tricks so they are easy to find, are kept ready to go and are easily accessible.. This case is protective, looks good and is perfect..
Would I buy it again... in a heartbeat.

Graham Taylor
Great service

The TCC product that I ordered was the usual high quality product as expected from TVC. What was more impressive was the exceptional service I received from Monster Magic. Ordered in the afternoon and delivered by post at 10:30 the next morning. Thanks Alex you will be my first choice in future.