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Acro Index Dry Erase Large 5"x8" by Blake Vogt

Acro Index Dry Erase Large 5"x8" by Blake Vogt

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Change anything into anything! Perfect utility item for stage. With this gimmicked notecard, you can change anything you write into anything you write.

This is an acrobatic flap card built into a regular looking 5"x8" index card. The mechanics are built into the gimmick, so the visual change is self-working. Great for any reveal of anything. Write on the card in Sharpie permanent marker and then still erase it later using special dry erase marker techniques taught in detail by Blake. Video tutorial included also contains gimmick handling explanations and routines with bonus ideas hidden at the end as well.

Add this incredible gimmick to your arsenal today. This is Acro Index Stage Dry Erase!



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