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Any Thought of Card to Pocket by Geraint Clarke and Christian Grace

Any Thought of Card to Pocket by Geraint Clarke and Christian Grace

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The best card magic you can do is where you don’t touch the deck at all. Where the spectator does everything.

With Any Thought of Card to Pocket, they take the deck, they count 10 cards, they think of any one and you can make it vanish from their hands.

When they recount they only have 9. The card they’re thinking of isn’t there... 

They can see it's no longer there. It’s in your pocket.

There is no roughing, no magnets and no need to carry 10 outs.

From the time your spectator takes the deck, you don’t need to do anything - and it resets instantly.

Any Thought of Card to Pocket is a one-and-done effect... What do we mean by that?

We mean it’s a trick so powerful, so hands off, so startling, that if you wanted to blow someone away, you could just do this one effect.

But we’re not just going to teach you this. you’ll learn EVERY effect and presentation we came up with from the last year of performing & developing this trick.

  • You'll learn the full hands-off gimmicked routine
  • You’ll learn a way of doing it with a marked deck.
  • You’ll learn a way of doing it with a normal deck.
  • + a bonus visual cards across using 2 different colour decks. Where you never touch their cards and you can make one vanish and later reappear in their hands. Without ever touching them. 

The gimmicks you receive are printed on blank face USPCC Red Bicycle Rider Back stock. You will need to already own or buy a regular Red Bicycle Rider Back deck to do this trick. The gimmicks can be added to that normal deck. 

In Collaboration between me, Geraint Clarke & the one and only, Christian Grace, this is Any Thought of Card to Pocket.

Brand: Ellusionist

Creator: Geraint Clarke

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Jimi The Hutt
Awesome, simply Awesome.

If I can find something that lets me focus on the person I'm performing with and that something is doing all the work. Then for me it's a winner! This is exactly one of those things.

What's not to's true. As hands off as you want it to be with a smidgen of audience control you have a miracle and a really strong one for lay people as well.

Plus if Alex's post (which is awesome), gets any quicker he's going to be competing with The Flash.

Adrian Tritton
Simple and powerful

A lovely product taught well, not difficult to do just be careful with your audience. The effect is a power house and will blow people away