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Beyond Reform by Matthew Wright & Elliot Gerard

Beyond Reform by Matthew Wright & Elliot Gerard

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Beyond Reform is a super visual, super easy to do, torn and restored card unlike anything else before it.

An incredible mis-made card restoration signed by 4 different people and restored in a unique and unforgettable way.

With no palming and nothing hidden in the hand any court card is cleanly and openly torn into four quarters. The spectator shuffles and rotates the pieces to mix them up.

Two of the pieces are now signed on the face and two pieces are signed on the back. The card is now restored showing... on one single side... two reversed pieces and two face pieces... with all four pieces having the signatures on them.

It is an amazing souvenir that will be treasured by whoever is lucky enough to get one.

With simple and more advanced handlings taught by Matthew Wright and Eliott Gerard Beyond Reform is a reputation making piece of magic that can be learnt and mastered by all skill levels.

Deck comes with 27 gaffs and 27 matching regular cards.

"An impossible object with miracle potential." - R Paul Wilson

"This IS...categorically...without a shadow of a doubt, the ABSOLUTE very best torn and restored card I have EVER seen." - Craig Petty



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Ian Simpson

This is an excellent effect for any occasion; the tutorial covers much more than the trick, going into many nuances and two very different routines with virtually no pocket space. It is an excellent EDC. I have always found Matthew Wright's teaching to be very thorough and contain many extra bits and pieces, and this is no exception.