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Bicycle Elite Edition Playing Cards (Red)

Bicycle Elite Edition Playing Cards (Red)

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These cards offer incredible quality for an astonishing price, representing terrific value.

"My all time favorite out-of-the-box working deck!" - Michael Ammar

"As soon as I felt the way the Elite Edition Bicycle cards felt, I had to try mixing the black cards with the reds from a normal deck of Bikes. Suffice to say I'll be getting a lot more of these decks immediately." - Michael Weber

"These cards are great -- been using them a week now -- several hours a day and they still feel like new. Love the two identical jokers, the blank, and double backer instead of advertising cards. The best part these cards faro with ease -- its hard to miss a perfect faro. I will be using them." - Allan Ackerman

"Finally, a brand new deck that feels broken in right out of the box! The Bicycle Elite Edition is EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for over the last 30 years!” - Gregory Wilson

"They have a seriously wonderful feel. It's like they are just extra willing to do just what you need them to at just the right moment. What could be better?" - Jon Armstrong

"My new go-to deck. These are GREAT!" - Daniel Garcia

"Bicycle Elite Edition are the cards I've been waiting for my whole life. I like softer cards, and don’t like to have to 'work-in' a deck for hours before I can use it. Bicycle Elite decks feel great—and faro perfectly—right out of the box." -John Lovick

"At first impression, these cards are thin, super light and smooth as butter. You don't have to spend hours breaking them in, they come out of the box feeling like your favorite deck. I had to retrain my fingers to have a lighter touch to execute some moves, but very quickly I'm becoming a fan. I can't wait to break these in further." -Kostya Kimlat

"These decks are amazing. Honestly, they even smell better." - Ryan Schultz

"This really is a game changer. A premium deck that matches all of my gaffs and also is the most recognized back design in the world. And the tear strip worked! I'll never buy regular Bikes again." - Brent Braun

"As a worker, I do a lot to try to get a deck of cards to break in quick and be like these right out of the box. I’ll buy a gross." - Mark Calabrese

"Classic look with a soft & smooth touch ... oh yea ... And the F#@%ing pull tab works!" - Magick Balay

"With the wealth of custom decks on the market, I never thought my favorite deck would end up having a Bicycle back. Bicycle Elite Edition are a game changer." - Chris Beason

"These aren't decks to add to the collection. They're to use, to perform with. I've found myself falling in love with Bikes again. Thank you Penguin magic for caring. Thank you Penguin magic for producing my new favorite deck." -Alex Rangel

Introducing the deck designed for discerning professionals: Bicycle Elite Edition. This deck presents the beloved Rider Back design you're familiar with, but in a way that offers an entirely new tactile experience. Prepare to encounter an unparalleled level of luxury with these cards, thanks to their ultra-thin, top-tier stock and elite embossed finish.

The Bicycle Elite Edition cards are in a league of their own – they are flexible, snappy, and exceptionally durable. They provide a delicate yet pliable handling experience with smooth edges and a traditional cut. The thin stock harks back to the favored cards of bygone eras and remains resistant to the warping or "click" often caused by high humidity. These cards feel as if they've been broken in right from the moment you open the box! Whether you're a magician, gambler, or cardist, Bicycle Elite Edition decks are a dream to work with. They come encased in the iconic classic tuck box for that timeless appeal.

What sets Bicycle Elite decks apart is not only their remarkable feel but also the included extras: two identical Jokers, the iconic Bicycle Ace of Spades, and two incredibly versatile gaff cards. All designed with the budget of a working professional in mind.

Don't wait – get your hands on them, and start using the best-feeling Bicycle decks you've ever owned for your craft.

  • Classic Rider Back Design & Tuck Box
  • Super-Premium Feel & Handling
  • Long-Lasting & Flexible Thin-Crush Stock
  • Duplicate Jokers & Classic Ace of Spades
  • Traditionally Cut
  • Printed on the Web Press
  • Double Backer & Blank Facer Gaffs Included

Brand: Penguin Magic


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