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Bicycle Special Deck Playing Cards (plus 11 Online Effects)

Bicycle Special Deck Playing Cards (plus 11 Online Effects)

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The Special Deck is an assortment of cards including 6 cards from each of the most used Bicycle special decks in the world of magic (Forcing decks, Double blue back, Double red back, Red/Blank Face, Blue/Blank Face, ...).

In addition to allowing you to save money, this deck will allow you to perform many tricks but also to create new ones. An instructional video is included explaining 11 routines.

The special deck is composed of 56 cards:
6 x Queen of Hearts (red back)
6 x Double BLUE back
6 x Double RED back
6 x RED/BLANK Face
6 x Double blank
6 x Blank back/regular Face
6 x Double Face
1 x Double index card (Queen of Hearts/Queen of Diamonds)
1 x 52 cards on 1
Here are some routines explained in the tutorial video:

The Favorite Queen: You present a prediction to your spectator then the spectator will choose a Queen among 4 imaginary queens. The prediction will be correct because the chosen Queen is the only card face up. In addition to that it's the only card with a back of a different color. Finally you will reveal that the other cards are blank.

Wild Cards: You present your spectator with a pack of 4 blank face cards and a Queen of Hearts. One by one the blank cards will be magically printed as Queen of Hearts.

Multiple Changes: You present to your spectator 4 double-backed cards then after a magic move, the 4 cards turn into Blank cards. After another magic move, a Joker appears on the 4 cards. Finally, the 4 cards turn into Queens of Hearts that you can give for examination.

Printing: A card is freely chosen by the spectator and then lost in the middle of the deck. You explain to your spectator that the card has travelled in the card case but when the spectator takes out the card it's a blank card on both sides. You then take this blank card and transform it at sight into the card chosen by the spectator that you can then give for examination.
56 cards (Bicycle Rider back) printed by US Playing Cards Company
An assortment of the most used special cards in the world of magic
An instructional video is included explaining 11 routines
Instructional video included (1 hour) in English and in French



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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Great special deck

Great price too!

Mark R
Special playing card

The thing with many gaffed tricks they need special cards.
This pack has them all, double backers, blanks, backs and fronts and many others. Besides that you get 11 online effects you can use them for.
For the price they are brilliant and saves wasting whole packs of rider backs for the sake of one card .
Of course, delivered the next day by Monster magic who has never let me down