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Brass Buttons (Silver Edition) by Matthew Wright

Brass Buttons (Silver Edition) by Matthew Wright

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Brass Buttons has been described by many as the best "Copper, Silver, Brass" set ever created. This new "Silver Edition" takes everything that made Brass Buttons so great and visually elevates it with the addition of the shiny silver washer. Three completely contrasting items visually and magically jump, switch and transform is a collection of routines from some of the very best minds in magic.

Comes complete with 3 regular examinable pieces plus the extra special gimmick that makes everything possible. A truly outstanding piece of magic suitable for all skill levels.

Customers and reviewers alike all claim that the download alone is well worth the entire cost of the set, with over 2 hours of detailed instructions from some of the greatest creative minds in magic such as Nicholas Lawrence, Roddy McGhie, Craig Petty, Mark Elsdon, Gary Jones, Will Houston Sean Goodman, Paul Roberts, Javier Fuenmayor and Matthew Wright, Brass Buttons Silver Edition is sure to have something for everyone from beginner to advanced and everywhere in between.

Includes Matthew's full "Button explosion" routine explanation (regular buttons not included) plus many other routines this project catapults the CSB plot into the stratosphere.

Brand: Matthew Wright

Creator: Matthew Wright

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Customer Reviews

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Doug Heath
Beautiful Props

The poker chip, button & washer plus the gimmicks are excellent and such a clever idea. Tutorial is awesome with some nice ideas. Bought a pack of about 100 blue buttons from Hobbycraft for less than £2 or you can get them on line for a nice finale. The service from Alex is amazing, and this was delivered to me less than 24 hours after placing my order.

Geoff Lucas
Bloody brilliant Brass buttons

Absolutely great item, excellent routines,I was impressed what you can do with this set,great tutorial over 2 hours. Quality product and quick postage Give stars