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Chase the Lace by Monster Magic

Chase the Lace by Monster Magic

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A game of chance with just three shoelaces and a £20 note!

You show three shoelaces with different coloured aglets (that's the end bits). The participants get to choose and pull which ever lace they want, it is a completely free choice. Yet, you are always left with the one that has the £20 note tied to it!

A super fun bank night routine that you just can't lose!

Based upon a very old concept. Very easy to do!



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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Spencer Lynch
Easily the best £13 I've ever spent on magic

Easy to do, no sleight of hand required, it's that good I bought two!

John Owen
Super easy Magic Trick

Purchased this for granddaughter to add to her set but tempted to keep it for myself, any beginner could perform this immediately after watching demo.Very simple to do and you could go on about colours and influence etc or if doing it on one spectator have 3 coloured cards and ask spectator to choose 2 colours and discard one !!!!!!!then let spectator pull the 2 colours they chose


Really lovely little bit of magic, I present as a personality test based on the colours they choose (as recommended by the chief of monsters) you can have a lot of fun making mumbo jumbo up about what the colours mean. Then the final reveal they could have won some money is great

mark grierson
Great Simple effect

Highly recommend the gimmick and Monster service