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Chop Egg by Jeki Yoo

Chop Egg by Jeki Yoo

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Jeki Yoo is excited to release to you his new routine: Chop Egg!
A charming combination of the Chop Cup and Silk to Egg.

Jeki has taken the classic Chop Cup routine by Al Wheatley and changed the props to give it a whole new life.

The Chop Cup has been one of his favourite effects to perform in his live shows for a long time, but he wanted to make one more personal to him and add a big finale.

That's how the Chop Egg was born.

At the end of this routine, a small chicken magically appears.

But it doesn't end there; the egg-shaped cup transforms into a real egg.

The moment it changes into a real egg, the audience will go wild with unexpected results.

Chop Egg has already received a lot of love in Yeki's performances and on social media and your audience will love it too.

  • Great for live shows and social media, TV shows
  • Kicker ending!
  • Everything included (except the real egg)
  • What's included?
  • Egg-shaped cup x1
  • Egg stand x1
  • Balls x2 (1 normal ball, 1 gimmick ball)
  • Miniature chicken x1
  • Special holder x1
  • Tutorial video with Jeki Yoo
  • Note: You should provide the real egg by yourself.

Credits for the gimmick:

Al Wheatley (Chop Cup)
Harold Rice and Fred Haenchen (Silk to Egg)

Warning: This is not a toy. Be careful of SHARP EDGES and MAGNETS. Not for children. Keep away from electric devices.

Brand: Jeki Yoo

Creator: Jeki Yoo

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