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Chroma by Mark Lemon

Chroma by Mark Lemon

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In the world of magic, the best tricks are often the simplest. Mark Lemon's "Chroma" is elegantly simple, but deceptively powerful!

Stroop Tests. You've seen them across the internet, but probably have had no idea what they're called. Chroma disguises itself as a basic Stroop test designed to test cognitive ability. But this is all you need to reveal the thoughts that only exist in your spectator's mind - it's "Stroop-pidly" powerful.

You begin by asking them to think of a color and imagine that word, big and bold right in front of them. With a timer and the Chroma card, you test them on how quickly they can find their word in various colours. Without them ever saying a word, you know exactly what they are thinking.

Wonderfully Compact, Powerfully Revealed
Chroma's beauty lies in its simplicity - packs smaller than a credit card but smashes more minds than a hydraulic press. How you choose to reveal their thought of color is completely up to you. Reveal it immediately, as if you can effortlessly pry into their inner thoughts. Or use this secret knowledge to reveal multiple thought-of objects or words.

Effortlessly Mastered
Chroma is delightfully easy to perform, requiring no strenuous memory work. Once you learn it, you can pick it up months down the road and STILL be able to perform it.

This is Mark Lemon's Chroma, an elegantly Simple, yet Stroop-idly powerful mind-reading system.

Brand: Mark Lemon

Creator: Mark Lemon

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Customer Reviews

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Scott Privette

Before the reveal,With chroma I 1) guessed the fruit one was thinking of, 2)drew a duplicate picture of an object with her color. 3) revealed her exact color..There is no's a credit card sized atom bomb disguised as a stroop test. I'm a hypnotist and I use it as a suggestibility test convincer. If you want to use the timer, my instructions include "say stop front" or "stop back"when you find you color in the ink I say." That answer tells me which side without looking. They think it's to stop the clock. It lives in my wallet now.


I LOVE this!!!! - I use with the ChronoForce app for another hit (MASSIVE opportunity for one ahead having 2 out of 3 pieces of information!)
- it just completely removes the idea that the spectator is giving you information - LOVE it!!!!!

Tommy Winder
It's pretty good

I don't think I will get much use out of it, the method feels a little obvious to me but I think that is most likely my own magicians guilt kicking in.


Love it, thanks

Doug Heath
Very Clever and Fooling

Method is easy to learn and a very clever use of an old principle. Some nice routines taught and a bonus shortcut for iPhone users. Once again great service from Alex!