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Crazy Sam's Finger Ring by Sam Huang

Crazy Sam's Finger Ring by Sam Huang

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Hanson Chien presents Crazy Sam's Finger Ring by Sam Huang

"Sam literally teaches knuckle busting magic. But the teaching is precise, thoughtful and in detail. Two thumbs up!" - Garrett Thomas

"This trick looks great! I really love it!" - Meir Yedid


Introducing Crazy Sam's Finger Ring: a mind-blowing finger moving effect like no other. Imagine being able to seamlessly move your ORDINARY FINGER RING from one finger to another. Your audience will be left in awe as they question how you did it, only for you to reveal the secret by simply SWITCHING YOUR FINGER! It's truly UNBELIEVABLE! But what's even crazier is that you can transplant your finger INCHES AWAY from your audience's gaze, without any cover whatsoever!

Crazy Sam's Finger Ring offers a powerful 3-phase routine that can be performed as a whole or individually. It's FULLY MODULAR, giving you complete control over your performance.


Inspired by Meir Yedid's Finger Fantasies released in the 1980s, along with Garrett Thomas and his mentee Nicholas Lawrence. Sam has stood on the shoulders of giants, skilfully merged their collective inspirations, and taken them to new heights.

In 2022, Sam posted his Crazy Sam's Finger Ring performances online, which quickly went viral and amassed over 10 million views.



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Loved this!

Took a few days of stretching to master the moves - but once you've got 'em, you've got 'em. It's an amazing effect. Leaves people genuinely gob-smacked.