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Cube Maestro - incl. Book and Boxes by Evgeniy Karelin and Henry Harrius

Cube Maestro - incl. Book and Boxes by Evgeniy Karelin and Henry Harrius

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In 2018, people began talking online about Evgeniy Karelin's skills with Rubik's cubes, which caught Henry Harrius's interest. Henry had the chance to see Evgeniy Karelin perform live at IFM 2019 in Russia. Approaching his magic with the mindset of a skilled speed cuber, the methods he uses will amaze magicians worldwide.

Now, Henry Harrius proudly presents "Cube Maestro," releasing Karelin's legendary cube routines for everyone to enjoy!

You will learn:
1. The Algorithm
Evgeniy's signature routine. With only one ordinary cube, you can solve a randomly named color behind your back multiple times, and still end with a surprising magical solve as a grand finale.

2. The Supermatch
Henry's favourite. The strongest and easiest matching effect you can do with two ordinary cubes! Claiming you have incredible muscle memory, you mimic memorizing every step of how your spectator mixes a cube. You are then able to pick up another cube and perfectly replicating it. Best of all, it is incredibly easy!

3. The Sweet Routine
The spectator mixes up a mini cube and placed it in the mini box so that you couldn't see anything. You then take a large cube and match the exact pattern. You can then solve the large cube in any magical solve. Thanks to the little "something" provided together with the booklet, you can perform the above routine with no sleights whatsoever and end this routine with the famous "Mini Cube to Chocolate".

Evgeniy's Brilliant Competition Act (performance only)
Mysterious Easter Egg

*Video performances and algorithms are included and explained clearly with QR code links.

"A great piece in terms of construction, effect, and presentation. I highly recommend it to all who are interested in cube magic." - Lukas Lee

"Evgeniy's cube magic opens up new possibilities in the cube magic world. Highly recommended to any one who is serious about cube magic!" - Patrick Kun

"Evgeniy Karelin is one the finest cube magicians I have ever seen on the planet." - Henry Harrius

Community questions about CUBE MAESTRO

Q: Is it suitable for beginners?
- There are different levels for everyone. Some are very easy to do, and some would require more practice.

Q: Would a booklet make it very hard to learn?
- No. It actually makes it much easier. You can slowly digest every single detail. Also QR Code links are provided so you can see the actual live performances and Algorithms.

*TV rights reserved. Please contact HHP team for more details.

Brand: Henry Harrius

Creator: Evgeniy Karelin

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