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Deep X by Paul Harris with Paul Knight

Deep X by Paul Harris with Paul Knight

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DEEP X by Paul Harris with Paul Knight is a new development on the Deep Clear / Astonishment deck Paul published in his Art of Astonishment decks.

Technology has moved on, not just phones/ internet but also card gimmicks. Deep X takes these new developments to build on one of Paul Harris's best tricks.

A small thin ID style wallet with a clear window is placed on the table. What appears to be a small stack of cards are shown through the window. 

Your participant genuinely thinks of any four-letter word or name that has four different letters. She enters he word in to a website to find her lucky cards.

Let's say her secret word is "BING".

She then tells you her 4 random lucky Cards. Do they really make her luckier?

You openly slide out the cards from the Clear Wallet. The same cards that have been in full view from the start.

You display the four cards one at a time.

They are an exact match of her lucky cards.

You let this moment of Deep Astonishment sink in...

But even luckier than that...

You turn each of her four Lucky Cards face down.

The first card has a big Sharpie B
The next card an I
Then an N...
and finally...G


The same secret word she had only THOUGHT OF has been in the wallet from the start!

Even you don't know what her thought-of word is until it's revealed in the wallet!

The Prediction cards are completely examinable!
The Wallet is completely examinable!

The spectator has a genuine free choice of a 4-letter word and its 4 lucky numbers.

  • No forces.
  • No secret writing.
  • No Cribs.
  • No Peeks.
  • No memory work.

No Skill required. If you can hold a Deck you can do Deep X.


A legitimate public website that generates the Lucky Cards on your spectator's own phone.

It's the "Gimmick" that super charges Deep X

Experience it RIGHT NOW:

Complete with Deep X wallet and special cards. Supply your own deck.

Brand: Murphys Magic

Creator: Paul Harris

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Peter Talbot
Deep X .. purchase

Product arrived on time with a personal note ox thanks.