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Easy to Master Card Miracles Volume 1 by Michael Ammar

Easy to Master Card Miracles Volume 1 by Michael Ammar

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"It is impossible to emphasise just how amazing this volume of magic is. The effects are all worth performing at every level. The teaching by Ammar with the Super Practice Sessions is excellent. Perfect for a hobbyist wanting to progress or a seasoned pro. The Easy to Master Card Miracles Series will teach you the essential moves and the best application of them. Please see below for a list of sleights taught and moves required but not explained for some effects" - Monster Magic Review

Michael Ammar's Easy to Master Card Miracles is the best-selling card series ever produced in all magic. Why? Michael has sorted through thousands of effects to bring you only the strongest, most powerful card magic available. All Magic taught in this course is easy enough for the beginner, yet, strong enough to be included in any professional repertoire. His clear and concise teaching only add to the personal experience you will receive as he guides you through each move to ensure your success.

Each volume contains ten classic effects, performed before a live audience, multi-camera angles are used during all explanations. This volume includes a FREE BONUS effect and contains the special props necessary to perform it!

Volume 1 Contains:

  • 8 Card Brainwave
  • Red Hot Mama
  • Acrobatic Aces
  • The Secret To A Perfect Royal Flush
  • Triumph
  • Further Than That
  • Las Vegas Leaper
  • Cannibal Cards
  • Card Thru Table
  • A Night at the Improv..
  • Bonus Effect - The Insurance Policy

Sleights Taught:

  • Olram Subtlety
  • Hindu Shuffle/ Force
  • Braue Add-on
  • Handling of a double card
  • Multiple card palm briefly taught
  • 10-20 force
  • Biddle steal
  • False Count of 2 cards as 3
  • Tent Vanish
  • Ascanio Spread
  • Milk Shuffle
  • Criss Cross Force

Sleights Required but not taught:

  • Double Lift is required and shown but not taught
  • Bottom Dealing (Perfect Royal Flush) is required but not taught
  • Rub-away vanish (Las Vegas Leaper) is required and described in the additional notes but not taught



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Great card routines

Very easy to do too.