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Easy to Master Card Miracles Volume 2 by Michael Ammar

Easy to Master Card Miracles Volume 2 by Michael Ammar

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"Blimey, this is a good collection of card magic. Several classics are taught in great clarity including all the details on the sleights, making them easy and fun to learn. Twisting the Aces and Daley's Last Trick are just awesome effects, simple to do and used by most professionals. Roy Walton's Card Warp has been shamefully overlooked in recent times. Buy this and never look back!" - Monster Magic Verdict

Michael Ammar's Easy to Master Card Miracles is the best-selling card series ever produced in all magic. Why? Michael has sorted through thousands of effects to bring you only the strongest, most powerful card magic available. All Magic taught in this course is easy enough for the beginner, yet, strong enough to be included in any professional repertoire. His clear and concise teaching only add to the personal experience you will receive as he guides you through each move to ensure your success.

Each volume contains ten classic effects, performed before a live audience, multi-camera angles are used during all explanations. This volume includes a FREE BONUS effect and contains the special props necessary to perform it!

Volume 2 Contains:

  • Twisting The Aces
  • Daley's Last Trick
  • Card Warp
  • Poker Routine
  • Poker Face
  • Overkill
  • Card Through Handkerchief
  • Card Penetration Change
  • The Ambitious Card
  • Bonus Effect - MacDonald's Aces.

Sleights Taught:

  • Elmsley Count
  • Vernon Double Lift briefly explained
  • Crimp Card
  • Corner Short
  • 21 Down Force
  • Steal from Card box
  • J.K.Hartman add-on move (Jack Miller Tip Over Change)
  • Marlo Add-on move
  • Pop Up move

Sleights Required but not taught:

  • Control of a card to the top (Double Under Cut) shown but not taught
  • Bottom card buckle shown but not taught in detail



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