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Enso by Eric Chien

Enso by Eric Chien

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The audience thinks of a shape. You drip some ink on a blank card and the ink will visually start to move by itself, forming the shape that the spectator is thinking of. The card is then handed out for examination.

This is Enso, one of the most visual moving ink on the market today. Created by Eric Chien and Luo, Enso is only 7mm thick (thickness of 20 cards), you can easily hide the gimmick in a card box or a notebook.

  • We have a type c charging port
  • 15 minutes of charging can last you a whole day.

Bars, business shows, family gatherings Wherever you are, bring enso, and your audience will experience something they've never experienced before
  • Fully automatic design, suitable for beginners
  • Type-c charging,7mm thickness
  • Easy to carry, suitable for any scenario
  • Multifunctional remote control, can pause and control time
  • Can be performed while surrounded. No bad angles.



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