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Evolutionairy by Marc Woods

Evolutionairy by Marc Woods

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Green Lemon presents Evolutionairy – an idea by Marc Woods

Evolutionairy isn’t just any book test; it represents a groundbreaking leap in the realm of mental magic. Universally adaptable and language-independent, this test is apt for both the young and the old. Its user-friendliness is highlighted by an intuitive mnemonic aid, ensuring that as a performer, you’re always precisely in tune with the word your spectator is visualizing. This is mental magic at its finest, optimized for maximum impact with minimal effort.

The booklet has been specially crafted and boasts a highly realistic appearance.

The effect:

The mentalist takes center stage with a booklet that delves into the evolution of the world’s most renowned brands. It covers the evolution of iconic fast-food chains, automobile brands, clothing-brands, and beverages, among others. Each left-hand page showcases the evolution of the respective brand, while the right-hand page features some other brands from the same era. The spectator is invited to name various random logos, including the prominent one on the left-hand page, and the mentalist always knows which logo is on the left page.

This effect can be interpreted in various ways:

  • The magician showcases their mastery of memorisation by claiming to have learned the entire book by heart.
  • The magician appears to read the spectator’s thoughts, accurately identifying the logo they have in mind.
  • The magician seemingly reads the spectator’s body language to discern which brand they are thinking of.
  • No matter how you present it, your audience will always be thoroughly impressed.

The second phase involves correctly determining the primary color code associated with the particular brand. This skill can also be demonstrated in various captivating ways. The mentalist unfailingly, with 100% certainty, identifies the 6-digit color code linked to the brand.

The effect can be repeated multiple times and made increasingly challenging by asking for fewer logos to be named. Even if only 3 logos are named, you can still, with 100% certainty, identify the respective brand.

Key points to know:

  • Universally adaptable and language-independent
  • The booklet is the most realistic and credible ever created.
  • It is 100% foolproof.
  • Suitable for close-up, parlour, and stage performances.
  • Requires no memorization.
  • Packs small but plays big.
  • You will receive over 30 minutes of online instructions.
  • You will receive two cheat sheets that make the execution incredibly simple.
  • It comes with a protective sleeve to safeguard your booklet.
  • Your audience will want to experience it again and again…

Brand: Green Lemon

Creator: Marc Wood

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