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Flight Deck by Steve Gore

Flight Deck by Steve Gore

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Imagine you had perfect knowledge of where every card in a shuffled deck was. What could be possible? Steve Gore has perfected a marked deck that can make impossible effects a reality. Locate a freely chosen card in a deck your audience shuffled. It sounds too good to be true, but it’s exactly what you can do, and so much more, with Flight Deck by Steve Gore.

Flight Deck is an edge marking system built into a bordered deck that builds on the legendary GPS Deck. Every card is marked for suit and value, and a quick glance at the side of the deck tells you exactly where the cards are located. This subtle marking system flies right under the radar, but is bold enough that you can immediately identify exactly where cards are in the deck. The cards themselves are a dream to work with. Printed on UltraLux™ Stock with AquaFlow™ Coating, these cards are traditionally cut and have all custom art work.

In addition to the deck you get a full tutorial with Steve Gore. He teaches multiple routines, including an amazing card at number, an impossible sandwich routine, and all of the details about the deck to take you from marked card novice to edge work pro. With this deck as your new every day carry, miracles will be possible. The sky is the limit when you perform with Flight Deck by Steve Gore.

"Flight Deck is easy to use as the system is spread out on two sides not just one. Makes practice and execution a breeze." - Angelo Carbone

"Love love love Flight Deck. Steve’s brilliant design makes it so so easy and fast to read on TWO sides!" - Blake Vogt

"We sat at a table in South Tyneside and Steve fooled me With this deck!" - Markobi, current FISM champion of card magic and Fooler of Penn & Teller

"I've always loved the GPS deck and the possibilities to create miracles beyond any other normal deck in use. Flight Deck improves on this eco system and is an even easier and a more robust solution. A no brainer for me to use. I look forward to frying my audiences with the impossible." - Ian Barradell

"I loved the GPS deck by Steve Gore and used it a lot and also encouraged everyone that I know to use it. I can’t wait to use Steve’s new creation: the Flight Deck" - Lior Manor

Brand: Penguin Magic

Creator: Steve Gore

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Customer Reviews

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The best deck of cards I've EVER bought!

I always thought the Invisible Deck was the best trick deck ever but this surpasses even that as it is even easier and is totally examinable and can be shuffled. In many ways being able to shuffle it just makes it even more incredible. I can see why this keeps selling out. Steve Gore is an unassuming genius - thank you so much for creating this. I will be buying more of these decks when they are back in stock. Absolutely AMAZING! Worth the money and worth a 10 star rating really.