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Fuse It by Victor Sanz

Fuse It by Victor Sanz

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Fuse It is the new magical creation of Victor Sanz. 
It's a killer magic trick using something as innocent as a little Post-it pad.

Here is the effect:
You sign a Post-it,and a participant peels it off the pad and checks it out, you then stick your signed Post-it onto the next one and the participant signs this second Post-it.
When you peel off the spectator's Post-it you have yours stuck on his, it looks like is one single large post-it but it is obviously two and the spectators can clearly see this is the case.

Now, you just rub the join between both Post-it notes and they fuse together smoothly in one large single piece, with both signatures on it!

Immediately and with your hands totally empty you give this impossible object to your spectator to keep as a souvenir. Nothing to ditch or steal is that clean.

FUSE IT is simple, direct, strong and easy to perform, an unforgettable souvenir that will lives in your spectators wallet for a long time as an impossible memory.

But this is not the end, Victor will teach you not only how to perform this stunning effect but also 4 BONUS effects using the very same gimmick.

The FUSE IT pack includes:

  • 100% already made gimmick
  • A regular Post-it pad
  • 50 FUSE IT it notes
  • Extra special stuff

Brand: Victor Sanz

Creator: Victor Sanz

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