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Grandma's Miracle by TCC

Grandma's Miracle by TCC

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Grandma's Miracle by TCC is a new version of the classic Grandma's Necklace. The miracle happens in the audience's hands.

Grandmother's Necklace is a classic magic trick that has fascinated audiences for over 400 years, dating back to the Middle Ages.

In Grandma's Miracle, the magician presents two ropes and three beads, inviting the audience to thread the ropes through the beads. The audience holds the beads, the magician ties the ropes on the back of their hand, and the ropes pass through the audience's hand amazingly, leaving the beads in their palm.

There is no magic more captivating to an audience than magic that happens in their own hands.

Grandma's Miracle uses highly transparent crystal beads instead of traditional opaque beads. The transparent beads allow the audience to see every detail of the ropes threaded through them, making the trick more convincing and deceptive.

The ropes are also made more durable by using the hoodie rope and improved gimmick. Additionally, it requires almost no sleight-of-hand, allowing you to focus on your performance and presentation.

Grandma's Miracle by TCC Features:

  • Transparent beads for a clear and more deceptive display
  • Durable gimmicked hoodie ropes
  • Easy to carry and perform

Notes: Please note that the transparent beads are made of high-transparency synthetic acrylic and produced in large batches at the factory. Due to the production process, they may have injection marks, splicing lines, or minor scratches or bumps, as shown in the trailer and photos. They are common and do not affect the overall shape or performance. We want to ensure that you are aware of it before making a purchase.

Brand: TCC

Creator: TCC

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Best version

I have Dean Dill’s version of this effect from some years ago, so I already knew what great reactions it gets. My reason for buying this version was for the great looking props and I must say that I’m not disappointed, they really do take the effect to another level. A great trick that I received very quickly after ordering from Monster Magic.

Baz - Norwich UK
Grandma's Miracle by TCC

So simple, yet so impactful. I have more 'sophisticated' and expensive tricks in my repertoire, but this delivers such an hit. The spectators love it. BTW, delivered within 36 hours by my new favourite magic supplier, Monster Magic !

John Rutherford
Grandmas miricle

Excellent effect also Excellent quality yet again from monster magic can say never been let down buying from this brilliant company Excellent work over all

Kevin Goodwin
Great product, great service

I was looking for a quick non-card effect for a close-up booking and had seen someone perform this, it resonated with me, so I purchased the item and it arrived the next day. The effect got some great reactions and is a nice addition to my repertoire.

Jonny Redman
Grandma's Miracle - Excellent!

Superb service from Monster Magic! Same day despatch and arrived very quickly. Absolutely love the trick btw Highly recommended all round, thank you!