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Guess Who (Would You) by Monster Magic

Guess Who (Would You) by Monster Magic

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A sell out at Blackpool Magic Convention 2024!

Guess Who (Would You) by Monster Magic is comedy mentalism at its best.

Brand: Monster Magic

Creator: Alex Kirk

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Adrian Tritton

I saw Alex do this live and loved the fun you can have with it. The presentation Alex teaches naturally creates comedy and you can’t help but have fun when performing it. It really is a great piece of magic which not only creates that magical moment but also creates a nostalgic feeling for anyone seeing it. The method is completely fooling but once you know how it’s done is easy and really allows you to lean into the performance without worrying about getting the trick right

Brilliant thinking from Alex, would you buy it….well you should

Tom Rolfe
Great Fun and an Entertaining Effect

Alex has created a mentalism effect which can be performed in a humorous way. Just bringing the box out starts people's minds wondering what's going to happen next. You've got every freedom to decide on your own patter so it fits any magician. I highly recommend purchasing Guess Who.