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Hawaiian Punch by John Bannon

Hawaiian Punch by John Bannon

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Monster Magic is very keen for you to perform this, so we include a selection of 10 foreign coins and a genuine Hawaiian Quarter coin.

"A classic, anytime anywhere mental miracle mixed with the Bannon touch. It will now be your favorite everyday carry showpiece." - Tim Trono

Use just a handful of change to produce three perfect predictions even though your audience makes all of the choices. Predict the coin, where the coin is from, and the date on the coin all in one amazing effect. This is Hawaiian Punch by John Bannon.

Here’s what happens:

The performer can either borrow or introduce a handful of pocket change. A prediction is given to the audience to hang onto before any choices are made. The spectators are invited to mix the change so the orientation of the coins is completely random. Any coins that are left heads up on the table are removed. The spectator mixes the remaining currency, and again all of the coins left heads up are removed. The spectator randomly narrows everything down to a single coin. The prediction reveals not only that the coin is a quarter but also the date on that quarter. As a kicker ending, the prediction is shown to be written on a postcard from Hawaii and that the predicted quarter is a state quarter celebrating the Hawaiian islands.

Hawaiian Punch uses a classic principle of mentalism that is deeply fooling. This effect comes complete with a gimmick made from Roy Kueppers as well as a beautiful full-color postcard to perform the Hawaii revelation. The effect is simple, satisfying, and practically self-working. Taught by John Bannon and Erik Tait, you’ll learn everything you need to put jaws on the floor at your next luau. Hit your audience with an impossible prediction effect when you check out Hawaiian Punch by John Bannon.

Produced by Penguin Magic

Brand: Penguin Magic

Creator: John Bannon

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