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Hip Pocket Mullica Wallet by Tim Trono

Hip Pocket Mullica Wallet by Tim Trono

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Inside your wallet... is another wallet! Inside that wallet there's a zipped pocket. Inside that pocket is their signed card. They can even pull it out themselves! The easiest AND most powerful CTW.

The greatest Card To Wallet is back and better than ever. Get ready to perform a signed Card To Wallet without any palming. No need for sports coats or deep pockets because everything happens out in the open. This is The Hip Pocket Mullica Wallet by Tim Trono.

Here’s what happens:

Have your audience freely select any card from the deck. It is then lost and shuffled into the pack. Make a magical gesture and announce that the card has vanished from the deck and is now inside your wallet that has been lying on the table since the very beginning of the trick. Open your wallet and reveal that inside is another folded wallet with a zippered compartment. Inside the zippered compartment is a single playing card, and impossibly it is the same card your volunteer signed a moment ago.

The Mullica Wallet is the favourite Card To Wallet of professionals around the globe for not only how impossible the double wallet revelation is but how easy this effect is to perform. No palming is required, and the routine possibilities with The Hip Pocket Mullica Wallet are endless. In addition to the signed card routine, you’ll learn Nick Locapo’s impossible card revelation, where a freely named card is discovered inside the interior wallet.

These wallets have been redesigned from the ground up to be easy to use, stylish, and durable. Available in two styles genuine leather and vegan leather. Both come furnished with high-quality zippers and an instructional video where Nick Locapo teaches you multiple handlings. The Hip Pocket Mullica Wallet is perfect for beginners because the load is so easy it’s impossible not to build confidence in your magic every time you perform it.

Pros will love the exacting standards it has been made to so that it functions comfortably as an everyday carry and still operates reliably as the finale to your favourite card routine. Level up your card magic with a touch of class when you start performing with The Hip Pocket Mullica Wallet by Tim Trono.

"If I had to pick only 3 magic props to have for the rest of my career, without question or hesitation the Hip Pocket Mullica is on that list! I cannot recommend it more highly and the newest production is the best ever! Elegant and functional, with tremendous attention to detail…do yourself a favor and hit BUY NOW :)" - Oz Pearlman

"Tim's new version of the Mullica wallet takes it to the next level; not only is it extremely practical but the look and feel is exquisite. This new wallet is something you will be proud to carry. I highly recommend this powerful tool for magical entertainers." - Jeff McBride

"Card to Wallet kills! ... Card to Double Wallets kills more! Easy to handle and the smaller wallet makes it more comfortable and less Sus! Great upgrade!" - Magick Balay

"Although I have been performing with the original Mullica Wallet for over 25 years, I am switching to Tim Trono's "SuperSlim Hip Pocket" version. Tim's new wallet is very elegant and looks less like a prop. And the zipper inside is a MAJOR improvement." - Larry Hass

"I loved this wallet when it first came out and you’ve made it even better this time around. Everybody should own this!" - Chris Rawlins

"Like many magicians, I love the latest and greatest magic wallet but, when I need to fry someone on an audition or come across as a class act on a gig, I always use my Hip Pocket Mullica! It looks great and the load is so smooth, plus it's perfect for those casual, no jacket situations because I can have it in my hip pocket ready to amaze." - Terry Oberman

"The slim Hip Pocket Mullica is always with me at my close-up gigs. It's well made, easy to use and looks completely innocent of guile. I'll let you into a couple of secrets. First is that the presentation I use most of the time is based on Eugene Burger's handling. That routine is short, well-paced and the finish is stunning. I've often used it when leaving a gig and someone asks to see something. That's the perfect time to leave them with their signed card and your business card. The other thing is that I have two of the wallets as I was always taught to have a spare of anything I use in my shows. Highly recommended." - Quentin Reynolds

"It’s THE worker’s Mullica given its durability and practical size." - Bruce Wilcox

"This is my absolute favorite. I've put all my normal wallet stuff into the Mullica and use it as my everyday wallet." - Joe Russell

"This is the original, only authorised, and best version of the Hip Pocket Mullica Wallet. Years ago, I developed the idea of a smaller wallet I could carry as my regular wallet for my own use. I was using the regular Mullica Wallet in my walk around magic gigs as a closer. Tony Miller manufactured a few for my own use and I kept the idea tight. But it then started to get around so I received permission from Jerry Mentzer (who owned the rights) and then later the blessing from Tom Mullica himself. In this release, we have improved the quality in every respect. There's a choice between Vegan leather and real leather. We have improved the zipper while maintaining the great idea by Tommy Wonder. The design includes some small but important changes that allow an even more streamlined handling. Includes a new instructional video by Nick Locapo and new handling ideas. We have picked only the best ideas and will be updating the tutorial as new ideas flow in. There is always a deluge of new magic wallets on the market. Like you, I buy many of them out of curiosity. But the Hip Pocket Mullica Wallet stands as my go- to card to wallet. It has stood the test of time as the most practical tools for one of the strongest strolling effects you can do. You can't do anything after this effect." - Tim Trono

Brand: Penguin Magic

Creator: Tim Trono

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