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Hopping Dice by TCC (ex-display)

Hopping Dice by TCC (ex-display)

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This is an ex-display set, so there are small signs of wear.
A fresh look to the Hopping Half routine using dice. Crafted with precision, these dice are compact, portable, and perfect for performances.

If you enjoy the classic Hopping Half effect, you won't want to miss out on Hopping Dice by Shadow Lin.

Hopping Dice brings a fresh look to the Hopping Half routine using dice. Crafted with precision, these dice are compact, portable, and perfect for performances.

Creating the perfect dice shell was our main focus during development. We faced challenges in ensuring thin yet dimensionally accurate material, as well as achieving craftsmanship that matched the appearance of regular dice. After extensive testing and trials over three months, the Hopping Dice was born.

Crafted from 316 stainless steel, each piece required meticulous hand measurement, polishing, grinding, and welding to achieve a precise fit with less than 0.1mm of tolerance. The alignment of the dice markings on the surface was also the result of numerous tests and comparisons. The colors, gold, and silver, are exquisite and visually appealing, with a comfortable feel that you'll love to handle. The entire set is compact and well-balanced.

The tutorial covers three routines:

1. Hopping Half: You show two dice, and remove one, yet miraculously, you still have two in your hand. This sequence repeats, leaving two dice for the audience to inspect at the end. (If you prefer, you can choose not to retain the last two dice, making them all disappear instead, just like in the traditional Hopping Half routine).

2. Scotch & Soda: You take out two dice from a coin purse, show that the purse is empty, then close it and place it aside. Holding the two dice in your hand, you remove one, and the other die mysteriously disappears, magically reappearing inside the coin purse.

3. Instant Transposition: You show two dice with each colour in your hand, take out the gold die, leave the silver die in your hand, and then close your hand. With a wave, the gold die instantly turns silver, and upon opening your hand, you find that the silver die has turned gold.

Additionally, we've included two extra regular silver dice because the structure of the Hopping Dice props isn't limited to the three routines taught in the tutorial. With the extra dice provided, you can create even more diverse routines.
  • Compact and convenient
  • Exquisite stainless steel dice with exceptional corrosion resistance
  • Comes with extra regular dice for diverse routines
  • Large Gold Dice Shell ×1

  • Small Gold Dice Shell ×1

  • Large Silver Dice Shell ×1

  • Small Silver Dice Shell ×1

  • Solid Gold Dice ×1

  • Solid Silver Dice ×3
  • Large Dice Shell: 20x20x20mm, 5g

  • Small Dice Shell: 19x19x19mm, 4g

  • Solid Dice: 17.6x17.6x17.6mm, 46g
Note: Hand-measured dimensions may have slight deviations, which do not affect functionality.

Brand: TCC Magic

Creator: TCC Magic

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