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How to Read Minds Kit by Ellusionist

How to Read Minds Kit by Ellusionist

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This kit is everything you hoped for. We already know it, and so we’ll put our money on the line… instead of yours.

This kit is a razor course on discovering the level of thinking that the vast majority of the general public is on, and how to play that level for shock and amazement.  This is where Pete Turner excels, and what he teaches in the course.  But, you decide how much you will delve into the subtleties he teaches, the video clocks in at over 8 hours of teaching, all included with the kit.  This is a master class in psychology.  It’s been said over and over (read the reviews) that no expense was spared in the development of the material and props in this collection.

And here is the path the reaction almost always takes…..shock…. disbelief….. awe…. and finally….utter respect. When we say people want to buy your drinks for you, that’s not hyperbole.  Because they feel you have delved deeply into them, seen things that others haven’t seen, they feel closer.  There’s a level of intimacy that takes place inherently. It happens time and again.  The least they can do for you is get a round of drinks. You’ll see.  And it won’t take long.

The How To Read Minds Kit is LIFE CHANGING.  Open the box and discover….what these secrets do for you.  Who knew that a hundred bucks plunked down for a kit could do so much?  Who knew…..

Ellusionist has trained more professional magicians and mind readers than any other company in the world… including many of the ones you see on TV.  Our reputation for having the most effective training in the world is untouched.  Beginner all the way through pro level.

We’ve existed for two decades and we’ve been busy in that time. Ellusionist followed the path of the intuitive, the glam-packed, but NATURAL way of “styling” magic.  We made magic what you see today.  Gone are top hats and tails, gone are the doves.  Let them fly back to the 50’s where they came from.  We put the magician on the street in jeans and a tshirt, doing miracles. We made magicians into STARS.  What if we could do even a little bit of that for you?

Magic, and more importantly mind-reading, is meant to be done naturally, almost as an afterthought.  Let it just “occur”.  Set it up, lead people, let them ask for it.  Let your miracles out of the box slowly.  There’s no need to pound the table for attention.  In fact, you’ll never do that again.  From now on when you speak, people listen.  You will remain connected to those around you, but on another level. 

You know those basketball games where they pick someone out of the crowd at halftime and give them a shot at the basket for some $50,000 prize?  Can they get the ball in the basket?  If they do, their life changes.  The butterfly moves it’s wings in America and life changes in China.  The crowd waits on pins and needles. The “player” shoots their shot and everybody draws a breath and holds it.
Shoot your shot. The box is guaranteed or your money back, so what is there to lose?  What might there be to gain?

What is in the kit? 
 The secrets inside this kit will give YOU the ability to: 
• Know the unlock code to anyone's phone 
• Reveal any word they think of
• See inside their mind & pull out a thought 
• Predict someone’s choices before they make them 
 • Know their 4-digit credit card PIN 
• Draw the exact object they secretly drew 
• Guess a serial number on a borrowed bill 
• Predict the total of randomly-generated numbers... works every time! 

The 'How To Read Minds' kit is for EVERYONE who wants to be the life of ANY party or social situation. The normal, everyday person who wants to be anything but normal.

Even if you know a little bit of mind reading already, you'll still get tremendous value from this kit. This isn't just for beginners, it's for EVERYONE looking to gain or improve the skill of reading minds. It's so comprehensive, even the pros will learn a lot here. 

Yes you can. The kit includes over 20 techniques that you can use to improve every aspect of your life.
We've hand-picked some of the most effective and easiest mentalism (mind reading) to give the beginner the skills they need. No prior knowledge required. 
• Captivate ANY customer
• Be a stud, instead of a third wheel
• Boost your tips
• Make meeting people easier (especially dates)  
• Get known as "the most interesting kid at school"

You'll break out these skills every chance you get.

The kit contains over 20 powerful techniques for mind-reading and 14 special items that sit in plain sight. 

•  Custom printed book. They can choose a word from ANY page and you'll know exactly what that word is
•  Custom Credit Card with 3 powerful secrets
•  Custom Wallet will allow you to know information without EVER touching it
•  Custom notepad for the equation to end all equations

  + 10 MORE specially designed props. You get everything

In mind-reading circles we call these 'organic props'. 
They look so natural and so fair, it's impossible for any stranger to conceive that it's helping you in ANY way. 
This is our secret from now on. Most of the props in this kit will never be seen by the people whose minds you're reading. 
They stay in the background and help you read minds.  Think of them as little helpers, letting you be as awesome as you can be. 

•  Know the unlock code to anyone's phone 
•  Reveal any word they think of
•  See inside their mind & pull out a thought 
•  Predict someone’s choices before they make them 
•   Know their 4-digit credit card PIN 
•  Draw the exact object they secretly drew 
•  Guess a serial number on a borrowed bill 
•  Predict the total of randomly-generated numbers... works every time! 
•   & MUCH MUCH MORE .... (Over 20 techniques taught) 

Brand: Ellusionist

Creator: Peter Turner

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