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Instant Paper to Money by Miguel Pizarro

Instant Paper to Money by Miguel Pizarro

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Welcome to the best and cleanest version of paper to money plot.

Miguel Pizarro from Spain, is one of the best hand-made producers of magic tricks, from the underground to the world, he is proud to present you one of his more versatile and professional creations.

"Paper to Money" plot is one the favourite effects of the audience, it is the magic of the wish, transform a simple piece of paper to real money, what do you need more to proof your "real magic"?

This is the perfect version for beginners, amateurs and professional magicians, very easy to do and highly visual.It is perfect for close-up and parlor and as you may imagine, it is instant reset!

Everything of this product is very well made and very well thought, all the gimmicks are ready to go with the best quality and also, you have some very funny jokes written on the pieces of paper just in case you want to read some "fake" but funny news.

You will receive everything ready to go and a lot of handlings from great magicians from Spain, including Pipo Villanueva, Alberto de Figueiredo, Alberto Ruano, Fernando Figueras, David Redondo and many more.

Just chose your currency and start playing with this visual miracle right away!

Note: You receive all the gimmicks ready to go and a lot of "special" piece of papers, you would only need to add some real or fake money to the product.



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Customer Reviews

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Tom Rolfe
So clean and visual

The instant paper to money plot is well known in the magic community but this effect is the most visual version. For the audience everything happens at eye level making this great for close up, parlour and stage. It’s easy to perform but that said there is great teaching provided and a bonus brainstorm session. Great value for your money.