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Invisible Date by Mathew Knight

Invisible Date by Mathew Knight

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All the power of an Invisible Deck with a personal connection with your audience!

Have a deck of cards in full view that contains two very special Jokers. They are not only special because of being face down in a face up deck, but also containing a personal information of the spectator on their faces. Let the spectator name any date of the year, may it be his birthdate, his wedding date or the date of his divorce. Slowly spread through the face up deck, just to reveal what you promised: two face down cards; the two Jokers, and exactly showing the date that the spectator selected.

Works in any language, as you can prepare the deck in your handwriting and mother language. Comes with English video instructions.

Brand: CardShark

Creator: Mathew Knight

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Customer Reviews

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Michael Lyth
Double Decker Date

When Double Decker's by Card Shark first came out I thought an expensive one trick pony. .But once I took the plunge and got my first Double Decker I haven't looked back in regret I know have a brief case of various effects other great thinking magical minds have created using the deck principle.Mathew Knights creative idea is great for family social events , wedding and corporate events. Once you have watched the tutorial and taken your time to do all that is needed you have a very good working effect on hand from your case.My tip is to print a table of rows and columns playing card size out on A4 to practice your signature style so it fits the cards neatly. Don't want it looking like a doctors prescription lol . But yes great routine a magicians reputation maker for events well done to the creative mind of Mathew Knight many magicians are using your idea be proud


Better than an invisible deck for me as it's something personal to the spectator