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Jumper by R. Paul Wilson

Jumper by R. Paul Wilson

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This is the trick Paul performs when he's asked to do a card trick. It takes one of the most powerful card tricks of all time and makes it much, much better. You can do one of the slowest, most deliberate card transpositions ever, then immediately let your audience examine the cards.

Here’s what happens:

You remove two court cards from the deck, a black King and a red Queen. The Queen is placed in the middle, and fairly shown, while the King is displayed on top of the deck. You ask your audience to remember this moment. You square the deck, and then fairly place the King out-jogged in the middle of the deck. You slowly, and cleanly, rotate the King while it’s in the deck. You then reveal that the King has transformed into the Queen, and the King is back on top of the deck. You’ve traveled back in time just a few moments, and both cards can be
immediately examined.

Jumper is a unique gimmick that R. Paul Wilson developed to perform the astonishing transposition effect by Roy Walton, Back Into Time. This clever design is printed by the United States Playing Card Company on Bicycle Rider Back cards and ready to perform as soon as you receive it. The sleights are incredibly easy and a perfect entry point into card magic for a beginner. There is an in depth tutorial featuring three routines taught by R. Paul Wilson. Take your transposition to the next level when you perform Jumper by R. Paul Wilson.

"One of the greatest card tricks ever invented. if I'm asked to do a card trick, this is the one I do. I carry it in pretty much every deck." - R. Paul Wilson

"Paul Wilson truly annoys me. He has an uncanny ability to take effects, remove almost all sleight of hand and through the use of cleverly designed gimmicks make these routines a hundred times better The effects presented on this project are incredible and so easy to perform Another winner from Paul Wilson!" - Craig Petty

"It is a well known fact that when R. Paul Wilson releases something you have to take notice. This is awesome for beginners and really practical for pros!" - Alex Latorre

"Jumper will leap right into your gigging set list. So very visual, but it suits all skill levels! RP hits another home run with this one!" - Steve Gore

"Jumper is such a beautiful piece of Magic!" - Dan Hauss

Brand: Penguin Magic

Creator: R. Paul Wilson

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Customer Reviews

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David Harris
A great trick to keep in your pack

I have been a fan of Paul Wilson for a while and love his simplicity in most of his effects. I have been performing back into time for years and think it’s a beautiful effect, and when I saw the trailer for jumper it put a new spin on the effect. When you open the gimmick don’t be annoyed by its simplicity, just remember what the effect is. Paul also teaches some other effects with the gimmick that are also real workers, and the advice he gives on the download is great to. So pick it up, and have a play and see what you can do with it.