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Lucky Star by Hanson Chien

Lucky Star by Hanson Chien

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Lucky Star by Hanson Chien is a startling piece of rubber band magic that is easy to do and is the perfect impromptu effect.

A rubber band turns into a star.
From a sleight of hands into a real magic and finally ends in spectator's hand

Basic Effect
First you show a normal rubber band, then you instantly create a star shape rubber band with one hand.

In the end, that rubber band magically turns into a real star-shaped rubber band in spectator's hand.

Brief History
This idea came up 10 years ago. At that time, it's just a rubber band flourish, which can make you instantly create a star shape rubber band.

Until 2015, Hanson turned this flourish into magic and first released in Taiwan.


  • Normal bands match star-shaped bands
  • This band can be given as a souvenir
  • Detailed instructions by Hanson Chien
  • Bonus: Real Star 2.0 by Bacon Fire
What you recieve:
  • 20 shaped rubber bands
  • 30 normal rubber bands
  • Online instructions

"Lucky Star is one of my favorite rubber band routines, it shows the different faces of magic." - Hanson Chien

What the professionals are saying:

"Lucky Star is an excellent routine. I recommend it 100%" - Joe Rindfleisch

"Lucky Star is a wonderful routine that will touch your spectators heart." - Dr. Cyril Thomas

Brand: Hanson Chien

Creator: Hanson Chien

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